Thursday, September 17, 2009

Workbox planning

I know for a fact that I have never spent as much concentrated time on planning as I have in the past 2 weeks, getting ready for our new workbox system. I also know, because I know my kids, that this should be by far the most fun we've had with schoolwork so far. They are actually excited, waiting to get their hands on these boxes--though that could be because they have become aware that there might be a "have a treat!" workbox or a "you may have 30 minutes of video-game time" workbox in amongst the regular subjects from time to time.
I've taken the time to make the numbers for the boxes attractive to each of them, using flowers and butterflies for the girl child and characters and weapons from the "Zelda" games for the boy child, and they really like those, as well. I had some misgivings at the beginning, because I had intended to use "Velcro" type stuff to stick the numbers both to the workboxes and then to the card, as each box was finished. But, because of the laminated surface on both the numbers and the cards, the Velcro kept coming off of one or the other and sticking to itself. I was a bit stymied, but decided to try poster putty, and that is working perfectly. I'll just have to replace the little bits from time to time as they collect cat and dog hair, etc.
As I get nearer my finish here, I will be posting pictures of my boxes and also my cards, etc.

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